The Power of Makeup

Nikkie Tutorials – A woman who I, as an artist, admire. Before you read this post, please watch Nikkie’s video, and her thoughts behind the power of makeup.


Makeup is a form of expression, just like the type of clothes you wear, the things you say and the things you do.

I have been thinking over my years progressing as a lover of makeup, about the real power behind the movement of makeup. Why do we wear makeup? Why do you wear makeup? Who can and can’t wear it?

We are at a point in society where freedom of expression is as raw as it has ever been.

To me, makeup means a lot of different things. I wear makeup, for me. I don’t wear it for anybody else, just me. The transformation and power behind makeup alone makes it one of my biggest passions.


Applying my makeup is my favourite time of day, where I can instantly become a much more confident person. Makeup offers security, confidence and happiness. Wearing makeup lets me tell myself “Hey, you look gorgeous today”.


I’m not saying that we don’t look beautiful and gorgeous without it, because we do. Makeup for me is art, and it lets me create whatever I want. Society today often stereotype makeup artists for being “fake” and “deceiving”, but under that makeup is still the same beautiful face. Makeup allows us to create and enhance features on our face that we find desirable, such as cheekbones and jaw lines. Creating these features doesn’t make us fake, it makes us feel good.

Everybody expresses themselves differently with makeup, which is why i love it so much. The endless array of looks for anybody to create makes it all so FUN!

The power of makeup is truly amazing, and for me it is a way of progression in myself.

What i’m trying to say is that if you want to wear makeup, you wear it. If you want to go to the gym with false eyelashes on and a bright red lip, you do it. If you want to go out with yellow eyelashes and blue lips, you do it. Makeup is for YOU. Makeup is for your use, and don’t let anyone stop you doing what you love.

So tell me, why do YOU wear makeup? How does it make YOU feel? What are your favourite looks to create?

As a community lets try and push the idea of the ‘Power of Makeup’.

Al x

(All photos are my own)


8 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup

  1. aysemerved

    Your very right, people do makeup for themselves and no one else and it’s just a way of enhancing your natural beauty in my opinion! Loved this post girl, can’t wait for more from you! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. musicness55

    Wow!! Everyones rights GIRLPOWER! I dont wear makeup to impress guys or I dont wear makeup because I’m ‘ugly’ I wear make up because I find that you can do so many creative looks on yourself.


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