Channel 5 News at 5- Viewing Blog

Channel 5 News at 5 rebranded in 2016 in an attempt to diversify it’s news agenda and differ from its past and its competitors. Channel 5 now aim to attract a more youthful, lighter demographic of 16-24 year olds, adapting their content to be used across a variety of platforms. Channel 5 offer a variety of news in their agenda.

On February 27th, 5 News reported a follow-up on the sexual abuse of children sent overseas from after the war. The ULAY-SOT with images and clips from the time of the event/story engages the reader and works effectively in helping visualise just how these victims lived their lives. The SOT uses minor sentences including statistics and data, creating an emotional atmosphere to sit behind the visuals. The interview with a former child migrant enabled the viewer to build a rapport with the victims and reflect on the events. A re-opened case with a clip from a lawyer brought the story to relevance for modern-day viewing. Harcupp and O’Neil (2001) said magnitude and follow-up were both key factors in news, both of which apply to this news story.

Sky News at 10 also covered the enquiry into historical child sex abuse. Unlike 5 news who chose to make this story it’s main story, Sky News chose to wait until mid-way through the programme. Sky News took an alternative approach, with the presenter simply explaining the follow-up and then transitioned to a correspondent, the ULAY-SOT was aesthetically touching with the voice of a child migrant victim overlaying a montage of old shots. Both programmes interviewed the same victim, however Sky chose to go into more detail with the abuse and actual circumstances- Sky News’ style is much more in detail, with being a 24-hour news outlet with a large proportion of its views coming from housewives who have a lot of time on their hands, they are able to have larger stories like this.

On April 3rd, 5 News reported on the St Petersburg Metro Explosion. Channel 5 used clips and videos from secondary sources such as Twitter in a ULAY-SOT in order to gain footage from those who were present at the time of the incident. The use of statistics and data behind the ULAY allows the viewers to gain more information on the actual extent of the potential terror attack and the number of people that were in fact in danger. BBC News at 10 also reported on the explosion, Harcupp and O’Neill (2010) said that magnitude was a key factor in news, a large story like  potential terror attack is relevant and has a large impact on not only Russia where it took place, but also the world. BBC News at 10 chose to angle the story around Russia’s state of high alert over recent years. Both news programmes used a reference to elite persons (Galtung and Ruge, 1965), Vladimir Putin, with 5 News just showing his statement released after the attack. With BBC News at 10 having a news agenda that is very focused on current affairs, they chose to extend the statements from Putin by having a phone-in interview with Oliver Carroll, the managing director of the Moscow Times. Using such an authoritative figure along side a montage of footage from the event and on-screen graphics with data and figures about deaths, injuries and all the breaking news unveils the programme reporting on a follow-up story- unlike channel 5 news at 5, BBC have presented their news in a way which will give time for any follow-up news. Channel 5 News seem to have not devoted as much time to the attack, perhaps due to their new diversified news agenda where they wish to appeal more to  younger demographic.

On April 3rd also, Channel 5 News at 5 also did a follow-up story on Ian Paterson, a cancer surgeon who has been accused of carrying out unnecessary operations for his own gain. In the report, 5 news portrayed their attempt to diversify their presenting style when referencing an interview between Paterson and Julian Christopher QC. The interview was presented in a text message-style visual, with each exchange being presented as a text to the other person. This was an attempt to make the story seem more appealing to their new, younger audience, while still ensuring all the facts were portrayed as they should be.


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